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Eclipse (return) opened tonight

Artists Talks tomorrow, Saturday 22 June at 2pm
 above: Emma Hamilton
Enantiomorphic Landscape (installation), 2013, 
Perspex, salt crystals, clamps, wood, tables, duratran,
 slide negative, rubber bands, light, photograms. 

Emma Hamilton's participation in Eclipse (return) 
has been supported by the Victorian College of the Arts.

above: Amanda Williams

The “Unité d'Habitation”, 2013
Series of 9 digital C-Type prints 
Water from the Ganges and Soil from the Acropolis, 2013
Oak plinth, Perspex, glass, soil, water 
above: Kate Beckingham
View from Palatine Hill (476/2013), 2013, (detail)
air dry clay, plaster, digital C-Type print mounted behind acrylic
above: Kate Beckingham
Palatine Hill – Column #1 (476/2013), 2013, 
plaster, shelf, digital C-Type print mounted behind acrylic

above: Therese Keogh
 Preparations for a pit kiln, 2013 (detail)
HD video projection, felt, dyed cotton rope,
 dowel, found beams, unfired clay, soil.

Amanda, Emma, Kate, Therese

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Eclipse (return) opens Friday 21 June 6-8pm

ECLIPSE (return)  opens at Articulate project space on Friday 21 June 6-8pm, and is open Friday - Sunday (11am-5pm) until 7 July.

Artists' talks 2pm Saturday 22 June. 

Eclipse (return) shows the work of Kate Beckingham, Emma Hamilton, Therese Keogh and Amanda Williams, and their reflections on the place of the image in contemporary art practice. The exhibition brings together disparate practices to explore the potentiality of photography through sculptural experimentation and the space that exists between the real and unreal within the photographic image. Mixing traditional photomedia with sculptural practices, Eclipse (return) suggests an 'other place' where time and space compress and photographic processes expand through a translation of the interstitial. The artists engage in the potential of an expanded photography, exploring concepts of time and space to investigate the tensions that arise through a dislocation of history, technology, reality and matter within the idea of the 'image'.

above: Kate Beckingham All the things I can hold in my arms 
SCA Graduate School Gallery 2012
above: Emma Hamilton SALT FLAT 2013 (c3 project space)

above: Therese Keogh 

Amanda Williams the contemplation hollow  2012

Emma Hamilton's participation in Eclipse (return) has been supported by the Victorian College of the Arts


Margaret Seymour's Tracker

above: Margaret Seymour, Tracker (2013). Photo by P J Williams.

Margaret Seymour, Tracker (2013).  
Photos courtesy of the artist. 

CREDITS - Patrick Barnes: electronics,
 Michael Gratton: robot programming, 
Andrew Burrell: video programming.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


Margaret Seymour's Tracker previews on Saturday 8 and 15 June 11–5pm.

TRACKER is a new robotic work about power and surveillance in contemporary society. In Margaret Seymour’s work, three ‘video objects’ follow people around the gallery. Each moving object also shows an interactive image of feet walking. Shot in the style of a film noir, the work examines a contemporary issue but uses surveillance techniques more commonly seen in movies and spy novels.

Like a shady private detective or perhaps an unwanted suitor, the TRACKERs tail the viewer but also try to keep their distance. 

Saturday 8 and 15 June 11am-5pm
Closing drinks Saturday 15 June 3-5pm

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


The Dog Show images - open Fri - Sun 11-5pm till 16 June

                                                             Noelene Lucas Breath, 2013, SD video, 11 minute loop 
                                                                                        Work courtesy of the artist

Wendy Teakel Aspriations, 2013, H 175 x W 41 x D120 cm
Ladder, grass, bone, dog prints
Works courtesy of the artist and Beaver Galleries, Canberra
Wendy Teakel Side Dish, 2013, H 70 x W 120 x D 70 cm
Table, kibble, bone, bowls, water
Christine Cornish Threshold II, 2, 2013, 74.4 x 58.8 cm
Framed pigment print on rag paper
Eugenia Raskopoulos Astro, 2013, H 100 x W 100 cm
Digital print on archival paper
Work courtesy of the artist and William Wright // Artists, Sydney
Steven Lojewski Quakers Hill, 2013, H 80 x W 52 cm
Framed pigment print on rag paper 
Daniel Mudie Cunningham Dog Eat Dog, 2013, HD video, 2:59 loop
Camera: Catherine White; Remix: Andy Rantzen;
Samples: ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, The Beatles, 1963;
‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’, The Stooges, 1969;
Editor: Vera Hong
Work courtesy of the artist

Debra Porch felix trying to imitate felix, 2013, dimensions variable
Poodle hair, photo, chalk Work courtesy of the artist

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