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About Articulate

Articulate supports practices which engage with space, across physical, metaphorical and temporal spaces. We encourage work across communities, knowledge bases and disciplinary areas. We seek to facilitate collaborative relationships between established and emerging artists. Articulate will continue to support process without a predetermined outcome and provide a unique forum that can open a way for you to extend your practice. This could include such things as creating directions for new work, new collaborations and other forms of inquiry relevant to your practice.

Articulate's floor plan

Downstairs (project space)
27m x 4m
Until Jun 2022 (no tax) $1750
From Jul 2022 (no tax) $1750

Until Jun 2022 (no tax) $375
From Jul 2022 (no tax) $550

3.5m x 5.5m
Until Jun 2022 (no tax) $375
From Jul 2022 (no tax) $550


Articulate acknowledges Australia's First Nations' People as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this land. We offer our respects to the Elders—past, present and future—and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.