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As you may have heard, the Board of Articulate has been conducting a gradual handover to a new Board and team of volunteers in recent months. For the new Board, there has been much to learn, and many conversations about what Articulate will look like into the future. This will, no doubt, be a work-in-progress.

We are excited to embark on a new chapter for Articulate, working with those who are familiar with Articulate as well as welcoming those who are new to it. In this regard, we intend that Articulate will remain a space for those who have made it what it is, and rightly belong to its legacy, whilst also encouraging creative research project proposals.

Articulate supports practices which engage with space, across physical, metaphorical and temporal spaces. We encourage work across communities, knowledge bases and disciplinary areas. We seek to facilitate collaborative relationships between established and emerging artists. Articulate will continue to support process without a predetermined outcome and provide a unique forum that can open a way for you to extend your practice. This could include such things as creating directions for new work, new collaborations and other forms of inquiry relevant to your practice.