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Best wishes for the Season to all the artists & friends of Articulate who contributed to a successful first year as a new project space. 


Articulate Turns One with 34 artists

Lesley Giovanelli and William Seeto coordinated Articulate Turns One with works by artists who have worked and shown in Articulate project space during its first year.

Sue Callanan Logo (detail)
 Kate Williams Twisted Logic
Juliet Fowler Smith Milking Machine Lights
Terry Hayes The Third policeman (destroyed assemblage)
& Jacob wrestling with an angel (destroyed graphite drawing)
Beata Geyer Untitled Composition #A122012
L to R: Sergio Plata Naturaleza Muerta; After All
The Death of Mona Lisa; El Grito; David Erectus
Beata Geyer Untitled Composition #A122012,Sue Callanan Logo 
Margaret Roberts sky drawing
Barbara Halnan Chorale
Haley Megan French Black White Orange Painting
Chantal Grech Blanket for Alexandria 
Alexander Jackson Wyatt Unstable/ Inseparable;
Toni Warburton Circumnambulate times 8 + weight = numinous space
Ceiling: Carla Marie Leisch Suspended Painting Series in four parts

narrowed eyes on a duplicate world: A photographic

 exploration by Mayu Kanamori & Alan Schacher (detail)

Jennifer O’Brien Breathe (detail)
Alison Clouston and Boyd  Epicorm
Suzanne Bartos Champagne glasses
Rose McGreevy reconfigured
Piet: Composition No.1 with Red and Black. 1929-2011 (study)
Linden Braye Spiders (detail) 
Linden Braye Spiders (detail) 
L to R: Carla Marie Leisch Suspended Painting Series in four parts
Elke Wohlfahrt Indeterminate dancers 111 (top); Indeterminate dancers 

V1, 1V, V (left to right)
Lesley Giovanelli The Spirits Are Here
Kathryn Ryan Flocks of Numbers, Names of Birds

John Gillies Landscape series#2
Michelle Beevors Portrait of Carl A. Mears
Richard Kean
Arrow of Planting: Crows Ash, Casuarina, Arrowhead of planting 

Ella Dreyfus Blue Chip Tenant
Adrian Hall Man of Kernow, With Mach 10 and Banner
William Seeto Vertical Drift,
L to R: Adrian Hall Man of Kernow, With Mach 10 and Banner,
William Seeto Vertical Drift,
Steven Fasan ‘Untitled’. A Work Of Works In Progress, 
Toni Warburton Untitled (formative)
Elke Wohlfahrt Berta & Anton

Photos: Margaret Roberts


Articulate Turns One - Ella's opening photos

Barbara Halnan Chorale (detail) 
Chantal Grech Blanket for Alexandria (detail)
Kathryn Ryan, Flocks of Numbers, Names of Birds (detail)
Lesley Giovanelli The Spirits Are Here (detail)

Madeline & Lea
Ella Dreyfus with Blue Chip Tenant
Kathryn Ryan with Flocks of Numbers, Names of Birds

Sue Callanan with Logo
William Seeto with Vertical Drift

photos: Ella Dreyfus


Articulate Turns One

Opening reception: 6-8pm, Thursday 15 December 2011. 
Exhibition Dates: 15-18 and 22-24 December, 11-5pm. 
(By appointment 27-30 Dec.)