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Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid - a project space project opening Friday 1 December at 6-8pm

Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid is an exhibition by Suzanne Bartos and Choi Ik gyu, timed to mark the completion of the Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.  The exhibition includes Choi Ik gyu's work, The Journey.

Opening 1st December 2017, 6 - 8pm
Then open the weekend of 2nd and 3rd December 11am to 5pm
Artist talk 2.30 Saturday 2 December.


On the long crush through the Vatican museum my sculptor friend tells me a story.  It was about taking her young nephew through a similar gallery years ago.  She explained to him that in art historical times the catholic church, offended by penises on nude statues, had chiseled them off and replaced them with fig leaves.   He quickly reasoned, that that must mean that there’s a store room full of all the offending organs.  And where was it?

I’ve been attending or listening live to the Royal Commission and have been working on images that have arisen for me over the five years it had been sitting.  Hearing my friends story I think perhaps that’s just what I’ve made:   A room where the things that the Catholic Church have not wanted to look at, are stored.

The Journey
- Ik-gyu Choi

제목 : 여행

                                                          최 익규

이 작품은 나를 지배하는 모든 생각들에 대한 날것의 솔직한 기록이다.
이런 과정을 통하여 가장 지금 나와 가까운 자화상이 그려지길 기대하며 작업을 했다.
이를 바탕으로 조금은 의미있는 나만의 인생철학을 가지고
나의 남은 인생길을 걸어가는데 도움이 되길 바란다.
내 안에는 빛나는 행복한 모습도 있지만 
또 다른 깊은 곳에 자리 잡은 어두운 모습도 있다.
그것은 내가 몸담고 있는 이 세상의 모습도 그렇다.
문득 어두운 밤 소란스런 도시에 밝게 빛나는 교회의 십자가를 바라본다.
수없이 많은 욕망이 난무하는 술 취한 듯 방황하는 세상에서
밝게 빛나는 십자가의 의미를 생각해 본다.
이런 세상에 몸담고 살아가는 종교인이거나 아니거나,
모든 사람들은 자신의 길을 비추어 줄 희망의 십자가를 하나씩 가슴에 품고 있으리라.
방황하는 솔직한 나의 자화상과 내안의 길 위에 흔들리는 십자가와 
나의 위태로운 인생 여행과 나의 삶의 가치관에 대해 생각해 본다.
 (English translation coming)

This is project space project #14, a way of working in which Articulate is used as a project space for the development of artwork on-site, in the expectation that the work produced will develop 
    unplanned relationships with the location.


a performative soundscape to conclude 'somnauralisms : sonic sketchbooks' - 6pm Sunday 12 November 2017

an aleatoric ensemble
[and other sonic miscellany]

Gary Warner
Sunday 12 November 2017

In a performative conclusion to the exhibition somnauralisms : sonic sketchbooks
Gary Warner will activate Articulate project space with an evolving hybrid analogue/digital acoustic/amplified soundscape generated by an assembly of
kinetic constructions, electronics, field recordings and live actions.

Virginia Hilyard - Gary Warner
somnauralisms : sonic sketchbooks
Fri-Sun 11-5pm until 12 November 2017

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