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Call for Proposals for Articulate project space

Proposals for the Articulate project space program can be made at any time.

If you would like to make a proposal please download the information pdf and proposal form, and return to Articulate project space, 497 Parramatta Road Leichhardt 2040.

Browse the blog for images of the space. Click here and here for panoramas of the space during the opening show in December 2010. A plan with measurements is provided in the information pdf. Please email or visit if you need more information.


Installation Works

groundwater/swale by Toni Warburton

 Paradise Pavillion by Lesley Giovanelli
Maps and Annotations by Chantal Grech

photos by william seeto

installation works 
16 april - 1 may 2011



Horror Vacui: Viva Mexico!

Suzanne Bartos & Margaret Roberts 
Ph Sue Blackburn
Linden Braye Ph Sue Blackburn
Sue Callanan & Sergio Plata Ph william seeto
Sue Callanan ph william seeto

Lesley Giovanelli Ph Sue Blackburn

Steven Fasan ph william seeto

Juliet Fowler-Smith Ph Sue Blackburn

Toni Warburton Ph Sue Blackburn

Opening night: Suzanne Bartos & Victor Valdes
photo Sergio Plata

horror vacui: viva mexico! 
25 march - 3 april, 2011