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Domesticated opens Friday 28 November, 6-8pm

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Domesticated opens Friday 28 November, 6-8pm and is open from Saturday 29 November to Sunday 14 December, Friday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

Domesticated is an exhibition curated by Lesley Giovanelli of work by Will Cooke, Adrian De Giorgio, Robyn Donoghue, Beata Geyer, Anne Graham, Bettina Hill, Sione Falemaka, Steven Fasan, Mim Fluhrer, Lesley Giovanelli, Pip Giovanelli, Francesca Mataraga, Sarah Newall, Elizabeth Pulie, Margaret Roberts, Nuha Saad, Andrew Simmons and Toni Warburton.

Domesticated is a playful and decorative furnishing of Articulate project space, including furniture and references to popular culture and the everyday. It aims to break with more traditional gallery viewing modes by creating a relaxed experience in the warehouse-like space of the Articulate project space building and blurring the line between the domestic realm, furniture showroom and museum.

Works such as rustic furniture, a converted washing machine and psychedelic wallpaper panels will transform Articulate into an artists' take on a living space, ignoring the boundaries of craft, design, decoration, art and architecture. Floor and wall works will form a backdrop to artists’ furniture/sculptures creating strange conversations between two-dimensional and three dimensional works where a wool cloud chair sits in front of a handmade wallpaper panel, African inspired wall hangings form the backdrop to an artists tableau and a Rietveld chair converses with hand-woven plastic mats and baskets.

 Adrian de Giorgio
Anne Bond
Beata Geyer
Francesca Mataraga
Elizabeth Pulie
Mim Fluhrer
Nuha Saad 
Lesley Giovanelli
Margaret Roberts

This project is supported by funding from Leichhardt Council