CUTENDPASTE artists talks 2-5pm Saturday 15 November

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  1. Hi Linden how goes the work on the car ? I like your sculpture the Michelangelo legs finely sculptured then the card board box, to me the cardboard boxs looks like the block of untouch stone and the clay apple looks like a head to me i realizie its an apple but one almost gets the feeling that the sculpture has become tired or dispirited by the work and throne some clay up on the block to represent the head historically Michelangelo ordered his masons and apprentices not to finish his final works because he had seen these figures struggling to get out of the stone and felt these works superior to earlier work caused quite a stir and a lot of debate after his death one could see your work as a comment on his process or the sculptures process and painters process or the whole creative process after all it is about play yeah like that work very much Vincent Cacciola