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Samuel James' INTERMINABLE PRESENT opens Friday 30th August 6-8pm

Open 11-5pm Thurs-Sun, Sat 31 Aug - Sun 8 Sept

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Sam James is a video artist and projection designer based in Sydney, working with performance and live art. He is interested in the phenomenology of media, the relationship to body and its translation of phenomenal experience. He has made video light drawings on residencies in Iceland, Finland and Czech Republic as a response to site and local phenomena. This can take the form of idiosyncratic encounters with people, the in-betweenness of engagement with the unfamiliar and the senses provided by architectural and natural space.  The artist is often visible in the recorded videos, facing the camera and drawing blind. This project gradually integrates video drawings in response to the site of Articulate’s space.  Videos from other locations in the past will be phased gradually into the present.

Samuel James  “Friends of Oneself” HD video still

Samuel James "Practicing Liberty to then be Jailed” HD video still


Margaret Roberts' Wall-Drawing in Articulate Backroom opens Friday 30 August 6-8pm

Open 11am - 5pm Friday - Sunday, 31 August - 8 September

On one wall, I am drawing the temporary wall in Articulate's backroom at the same scale, but vertical instead of horizontal, thinking that the wall and its drawing have the potential to hook onto each other in a sort of hug where the short length of each provides support to the long part of the other. I was thinking partly of Blinky Pallermo's 1971 mural painting on two walls facing each other, in which the walls strain to stay separate and not collapse into one painting as they seem to want to do. It is also a continuation of an interest in making gallery walls more visible by converting them into sculptures. Later on I also marked out the ceiling's inset lights onto the floor, and renamed the work Room-Drawing.

Temporary Backroom wall. Photo: Jessica Maurer


Writhe is open - Ciaran Begley's artist's talk today at 3pm

Open 11am-5pm Fri-Sun 3-18 August 2019

 Ph Peter Murphy

Ph Peter Murphy

Veronique Delauney operating Writhe. Ph Peter Murphy

Bhupen Thakker operating Writhe. Ph Peter Murphy

James Koh operating Writhe, Ph Peter Murphy


This project is supported by funding from the Inner West Council