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PROXIMITY opens Friday 1 March 6-8pm

Open 11am - 5pm 2-3 March 2019


PROXIMITY 2019 will show the work of artists who are currently students of the National Art School who have selected this workshop as part of their participation in the 2019 Margaret Olley National Art School Drawing Week, which is the school's warm-up to start of semester.

These artists are Fergus Berney-Gibson, Emily Ebbs, Jessamine Elsarky, Chelsea Fuentes, Emma Hornby, Lucy King, Bella La Spina, Tao Liu, Marita Port, Wendy Miller, Carina Capone, Lilliana Rixon, Babette Robertson, Anoushka J. Solomon, Katie Stewart, Anna Tierney amd Nina Walton. Images of their work will be added as work progresses. 

This workshop encourages students to develop a sensitivity to their immediate environment, and to engage with the building and general location in which they work. They will be supported by Articulate directors, Margaret Roberts and Emma Wise to use the space as a project space, in which artwork is developed in the space in which it will be shown. PROXIMITY 2019 workshop participants plan work in the space for 4 days, and then open it to the public for the weekend.

Project space work is one of the processes we invite artists to engage in when participating in the Articulate program generally. While many artists show  exhibitions of artwork made elsewhere, the project space project program has been devised for artists who want to experiment spatially by devising and/or developing the work in the space in which it is to be shown.   

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CAN'T LOOK BACK opened last night

Artist's Q & A talk Saturday 23 February 3-4pm

CAN'T LOOK BACK is also open 6-8pm Friday 22 February when In Situ is opening in ArticulateUpstairs

Open 3-6pm Tues-Thurs, and 11-5pm Fri - Sun, until 24 February


Steven Fasan's CAN'T LOOK BACK opens Friday 8 February 6-8pm

Open 9-24 February with special opening hours:
    3-6pm Tuesday - Thursday, and 11am - 5pm Friday - Sunday

CAN'T LOOK BACK  shows a body of work that has been developed over the last couple of years, focusing on the inevitability of change. 

One could say that the mechanism of metamorphosis is the only element of life that never changes. The journey of very individual, every country, every historical epoch, of the entire universe and all it contains, is nothing but a series of changes, at times subtle, at times deep, without which we would stand still. The moments of transition, in which something changes, constitute the backbone of us all. Whether they are a salvation or a loss, they are moments that we tend to remember. They give a structure to our existence. Almost all the rest is oblivion.
Jhumpa Lahiri. 'In Other Words'.



Open 11am-5pm till Sunday 3 February

FERMENT 5 is the final FERMENT exhibition and shows the work of  Lisa Andrew & Rachel Buckeridge, Susan Andrews, Corinne Brittain, Lucinda Clutterbuck and Lewis Argall, Claire GibbonNola Farman, Allan Giddy,  Adrian Hall, Laine Hogarty, Annelies Jahn, Michelle Le Dain, Joyce Lubotzky, Wendy Miller, Louise Morgan, Nadia Odlum,  Anya Pesce, Renay Pepita, Nina Price, Tamsin Salehian, Eva Simmons, Helen M Sturgess, Mark Titmarsh and Elke Wohlfahrt.

See all FERMENT here.


front - back: : Renay Pepita, Eva Simmons, Corinne Britainn, Laine Hogarty

Tamsin Salehian

Laine Hogarty, Wendy Millar, Lisa Andrew & Rachel Buckeridge, Nina Price

Laine Hogarty, Helen Sturgess

Wendy Miller

Allan Giddy

Allan Giddy

Joyce Lobotzky
Nola Farnam

Nola Farnam

Nadia Odlum

Annalies Jahn

Nadia Odlum, Annalies Jahn

L-R: Lucinda Clutterbuck and Lewis Argall, Helen M Sturgess, Nadia Odlum