Artists' Talks - 2-4pm Saturday June 13

On Saturday 13 June at 2-4pm, Deborah Burdett, Mandy Burgess, Ren Fernando, Kiata Mason, Ro Murray, Elwira Titan and Susie Williams will talk about their project, FIVE YEARS ON . . . , and they will be joined by Pamela Leung who will talk about her ArticulateUpstairs work, NOT ANOTHER BLOODY COFFEE SHOP. Come along, have a coffee and participate in the discussion.
Mandy Burgess Ro Murray Deborah Burdett

Susie Williams / Elwira Titan 
above photos: Mandy Burgess/Susie Williams
Pamela Leung

Above photo: Glenn Locklee

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  1. Nice art!! It was my pleasure to read about the Deborah Burdett’s project. She is such a famous designer and artist. I heard about her next event at the local gallery space for rent NYC venue. If you have any details regarding this event then please share some details.