Articulate/Artist Agreement

Below is the body of the contract that artists and Articulate sign

A.             Articulate RESPONSIBILITIES

1.1                      Provide 24 hour access to Articulate Premises and an Articulate liaison person who will be familiarised with the general intent of the Project and arrangements for any public events, exhibition minding and de-installation. This person will be available for any queries regarding the use of the space and how to work with Articulate.

1.2                  Provide publicity and promotion to the Project as outlined below for an advertisement in Art Almanac, media release to an industry e-list, an invitation to an attendance e-list, an entry on Articulate’s blog and promotion on the Articulate social media.

1.3                   Liaise with Articulate tenants and neighbours, and other co-exhibitors at Articulate and upstairs regarding the requirements of your Project in relation to sound and smell to ensure that the presentation of it is not compromised during public attendance times.  

1.4                   Provide available audio-visual equipment including projectors, media players,
                  speakers and some chairs.  

1.5                   Ensure any dispute concerning the Project is dealt with in processes that provide the best possibilities for resolving the matter. If an issue cannot be resolved by discussion involving the Articulate liaison person then Articulate will nominate an arbitrator to determine the dispute and the arbitrator’s decision shall, subject to any other law, be binding.

1.6                  Provide access to a key and keep a $300 bond to cover any cleaning or repairs
                   required for Articulate premises and refund this amount as soon as practical after the
                  Project completion and return of the keys.

1.7                  Provide tables, glassware, plates, teapots, coffee plungers and other crockery for public

1.8                  Provide parking for installation and de-installation at the back of Articulate premises
                  for drop off and pick up near the door entrance (for ten minutes only), allowing other
                  cars to pass. Parking is available at the front of Articulate premises from 10am to 3pm
                  weekdays and at night after 7pm, and all weekend as well as neighbouring streets. The
front doors of Articulate can be opened to 3 metres wide for delivery access.

1.9                   Provide insurance for public liability cover if any incident occurs as a result of
                  negligence by the organisation.

1.10                  Provide wifi with password that is on the back of the modem in the upstairs

1.11                  Ensure that any variation to this Contract is in writing and signed by both parties.

B.             Artist RESPONSIBILITIES

Preparatory activity

2.1                  Not alter or permit any changes to the services (water, electrical, phone, electronic communications, exit sign lights) provided to the building.

2.2                   Cover all insurance in relation to the Project that includes damage to the work during exhibition, installation, de-installation, such as in the case of damage or theft. This also includes any personal injury or to others, or damage to other property. This can be due to defective electrical equipment used in artwork, results of injury or death, and inappropriate acts or omissions by Project contractors during the Project on and off Articulate premises.

2.3                   Provide suitable short text (show title, participating artist names, exhibition dates and Public Event details) and a high resolution image six weeks before the
                  scheduled Project start for entry in Art Almanac so that an entry can be placed.

2.4                   Provide suitable final text and image material for a media release and invitation two
weeks before the scheduled rental of the space so that Articulate can disseminate
information to promote the Project via its blog, email list and social media.

2.5                   Consult with the Articulate liaison person regarding appropriateness of proposed
attachments to walls, floor and ceiling; drilling of any holes; and requirements of the
proposed use of the space regarding sound, smells and any matters that may be deemed
controversial, such as nudity.

2.6                  Ensure that no-one stands on the exposed horizontal beams between the upper and
                  lower floors  to install work, take photographs or for anything else.

2.7                  Negotiate with upstairs exhibitors through the Articulate liaison person if the
                  curtains that are available for use are to be used to block out the upstairs window.
                  Make personal arrangements if covering the downstairs windows and gallery front wall.


2.7            Pay a rental fee of $550 per week and a $100 contribution towards electricity and 
              advertising in Art Almanac, as listed in the invoice. The standard project is for 3 weeks, 
              with minimum opening hours 11am - 5pm Friday - Sunday.  One week’s rent is payable on                   accepting a date for the Project, which will be forfeited if the artist withdraws within three                   months of  the starting date. The balance of the rental fee and a bond of $300 are due on                       commencement.  (No rental fee is charged for funded projects/periods  that are 
               described as 'rent-free'.)

2.8                  Budget for any Public Events (such as food and drinks at openings), and all
                  costs associated with the installation and de-installation of the Project. This includes
                  supplying all necessary equipment, tools and materials that are not available at
                  Articulate to enable the appropriate, safe and secure installation of works. Articulate
                  provides ladders, screwdrivers, hammers, and a spirit level and drill, as well as some flat                                screens,  data projectors and sound equipment.

Installation and de-installation

2.9                   Ensure all activity at Articulate premises and any off-site activity associated with
                  projects comply with the relevant sections of regulations including Workplace, Health
                  and Safety (WHS) and Occupational Health and Safety. Compliance with these
                  regulations mainly involves following points (2.9 to 2.16).

2.10                  Ensure all rubbish from the installation and any public events is removed from
                  Articulate premises. There is no rubbish collection at Articulate premises.

2.11                  Ensure all preparatory items and equipment are removed from Articulate premises
                  before any Public Event as a storage area is not available.

2.12                  Avoid smoking at Articulate as it is a smoke-free zone.

2.13                  Avoid bringing pets to Articulate apart from those required by people with disabilities.
                  Pets can be tied up outside the front or the back of the premises.

2.14                  Exercise care at Articulate by keeping tools and equipment safe and secure, using
                  electrical and electronic equipment and installations in a safe manner, and advising the
                  Articulate liaison person in advance about sound and smells whilst installing.

2.15                  Exercise care to install the show in a safe manner to prevent visitors tripping or getting
                   hurt by materials falling down or collapsing. This also applies to adjunct performances
                  and events that may be part of the Project on or off-site.

2.16                  Arrange all electrical leads and tape them in such a way as to prevent accidents that may
                  be caused from tripping. If the floor is wet, you must use the “wet floor” sandwich board
                  that is stored in the cupboard near the front door. 

2.17                  Include a second person when arranging the track lighting as this is required by law.
                  Before starting the lights must be turned off and a towel must be used when moving

2.18                  Bring Project elements and equipment onto Articulate premises from Tuesday on
                  the first scheduled day of booking or speak to the Articulate liaison person about any
                  particular needs regarding this.

2.19                  Rectify any changes, damage or residue caused to Articulate premises when de-
                  installing such as cleaning including mopping the floor, and repairing any wall damage
                  and painting it. See laminated information sheet ‘Articulate project space handy hints for
                  leaving Articulate how you found it’.

2.20                  Completely remove the Project by midnight on the Monday of the scheduled closing
                  of the Project. Premises need to be cleaned, painted and repaired.

2.21                  Ensure appropriate measures are taken in relation to matters that could result in
censorship such as a sign at the public entry door warning people of nudity.

2.22                  Accept that the use of the space is not exclusive as other Articulate artists and tenants,
                  and their invitees may access the space.

2.23                   Leave the front door locked whilst installing.

2.24                  Give detailed instructions on how to operate equipment for your artwork and
                  leaving this with your contact number inside the cover of the message/visitors’ book.
                  Contact any co-exhibiting artist if there is an issue with the operation of their work.

During the Project period

2.25                   Provide a room sheet for your Project and any Public Events, and take professional 
                  standard photos at the Project and events them, particularly any opening, for Articulate to use
                   to promote the Event on Facebook and the blog. Room sheets should include the following                           basic information:
• Location: Articulate project space, 497 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt NSW 2040 Australia
• Times: Year, dates and hours of opening of your Project and Public Events.
(Standard opening hours are 11am - 5pm Friday - Sunday, except for the first Friday when it opens at the 
6-8pm opening event.)

2.26                   Organise and oversee any Public Events (including openings), making sure the bar
                  remains neat, dirty glasses are cleared regularly, food is topped up or taken away when
                  finished, and rubbish is removed and all equipment put away at the end.

2.27                  Ensure Public Events comply with State Laws that mainly entails not selling alcohol,
                  creating excessive noise, causing public nuisance or conducting activity that can cause
                  disrepute to Articulate, and only using Articulate premises in the manner outlined in the
                  Contract. The relevant legislation is The Liquor Act 1982 (NSW); Noise Control Act 1975
                  (NSW); Protection of the Environment Act 1997 and 2000 (NSW); and Public Nuisance
                  Laws, Local Government Act 1993 (NSW).  Evidence of possible breach of these laws,
                  such as a complaint from a neighbour about noise, can result in the bond being

2.28                  Ensure safety and security of the Project and Articulate premises during opening hours
                  and on leaving each day close the windows, turn off the air conditioning and electrical
                  equipment, and lock the front and back doors.

2.29                  Ensure the Project remains fully installed for public viewing until 5pm on the last day of
                  scheduled viewing and that work is not de-installed prior to closing time, and that during 
                  opening hours the ARTICULATE OPEN sign is placed on the front of the building.

2.30                  Ensure the Project is invigilated for the hours advertised and that at the start of the
                  period all of the Project’s electrical equipment is turned on, and then turned off at the end
                  of the period without adjusting volumes. A mute function on all remote controls can be
                  used when there are no visitors in the space.                  

2.31                   Accept that Articulate may need to cancel the Project and refund your money if
                  circumstances are beyond the control of Articulate, such as the premises being
                  determined as unsafe or damaged and in need of repair.

2.32                  Accept that breach of anything in the contract could result in the forfeiture of the bond
                  in part or full.