Coming - You tell me . . .

Open Fri-Sun 11am-5pm Sat 16-25 July 2021

Opening event Saturday 16 July 2-5pm

Artists talks (jointly with mov.doc) - Sat 16 and 24 July 2-4pm

For the third Decade show, Terry Hayes will start where I believe you have something to tell me ended arbitrarily at 5pm on 6 November 2011, and continuing it as 

You tell me I have to believe something

Believe me I have something to tell you

from 11am Friday 15 July 2021, 

Devised in conjunction with Aude Parichot, Margaret Roberts and Belinda Yee.

NB: Dates have been changed to accommodate COVID lockdown

Terry Hayes, You tell me . . . 2021 (Photo: Aude Parichot)

'Come into the kitchen. I'm just making a cup of tea. Jack won't be long.' The big man lumbered awkwardly through the doorway on his dainty feet, grunting softly. 'Listen, Glad, it's none of my business and you can tick me off for coming,' he began, as soon as the kitchen door was shut behind them, 'But I thought you'd best know as soon as you came in from work...' If Gladys didn't know exactly what he was going to tell her, she had a shrewd idea who it was going to be about. 'Yes? What is it?' 

At the same time, MOV.DOC is on upstairs and in the backroom showing artist documentation of some of the other time-based work that artists made and/or showed at Articulate over the decade.