Coming - psp.doc

Open 11am - 5pm Fri-Sat 19 June- 4 July 2021

Opening Saturday 26 June 2-5pm

Artists talks:

Saturday 26 June 2pm: Dell Walker,  Lesley Giovanelli, Terry Hayes, Aude Parichot, Alan Schacher, William Seeto

Saturday 3 July 2pm: Dell Walker, Sue Callanan, Toni Warburton 

psp.doc shows the work of artists Sue Callanan, Lesley Giovanelli, Terry Hayes, The Hypothetical World, Aude Parichot, Kathryn Ryan, Alan Schacher, William Seeto and Toni Warburton that documents the project space project they undertook at Articulate during the last decade.

Articulate began the project space project in 2011 by inviting artists to work in Articulate's 27m long ground floor project space for pre-determined periods  of 1-3 weeks, in whatever way a project space serves their art practice at the time. The broad aim is to show what a project space is through the accumulation of the various ways that artists employ it in their art practice. 

All the project space projects (psp) are recorded on Articulate's public archive with images and text.  

The psp.doc exhibition provides physical artspace (but different from and smaller than the project space) and a catalogue space for writing, for artists to reduce their project space project to whatever material continuation, summary, analysis or other form of documentation that they think appropriate.

Psp.doc will be accompanied by a new project space project on the ground floor project space and back room: Holding Back the Tide by Dell Walker. 

Toni Warburton Template Panorama 2012 (day 8 of project) photo: William Seeto

draw    notation   space   encryption   base        imprint    writing   map code    decipher    grain     pixel      texture Fold    roll     compress      shape      conic     section        trace      edge    circle  cone         oval   ellipse   rim     moment   clay     paper   canvas    object    sew     outline     contour     stitch   profile     template       elevation   shape  plan  top   pattern   MA*      base    copy      side    scissors     repeat   brush     duplicate     foot   pot   void   calligraphy     pleat      void    join    door              action       point   container    codicil    seam  decryption  plane illustrate     opening            replica   compose     variation   form    line    empty       translate       tear     expanse      evidence    grid     arrange       sunlight       study      calibrate             interval     inaction            dart     striation    marginal       window          join          repeat         sketch    duration   drape   italic            illumination      expanse    pause     mold      crenellate        shadow       prototype              assemble      edition               air   serpentine             reflection    artifice     morphology          cut   absence          cursive      bend     decipher      unwind          scratch     blend                                     

*Japanese aesthetic concept  of time and space  

William Seeto, 'Untitled (' 2021  

Untitled ( is work that is part of Articulate’s project space project documentation series; as an addendum to previous use of Articulate’s exhibition space to consolidate practice and artwork relative to site. It documents process to reconceptualise and extend form with images and artwork. 

It is a continuation of Art & Situation in 2019, a process based project over 12 days that deconstructed and re-purposed 3 pairs of crutches, as well as created two site-specific projections consisting of one and three painted oblique squares using fixed-point perspective, work dependent upon location and viewable only from set positions.


Untitled ( continues examining spatiality ‘in between’ sculpture and painting with re-purposed objects of interest in the form of deconstructed domestic furniture from the 1980s to extend the dialogue between everyday objects, sculpture, painting, and site. It balances form, colour and composition and is inspired by Arte Povera.

In a way it looks at space in a literal sense and as visual metaphor by working with objects, colour and the built environment. It offers a personal formalised dialogue where ‘site’ and ‘art’ is queried as to whether one or the other is more important, and poses questions of how spatiality and objects interact, inform, or interfere with the work and its location.  


William Seeto is an installation artist with a practice of 41 years. His site-specific constructed installations examine perceptual qualities by incorporating immersive light, sensory perception and luminal light fields (Ganzfelds); his ephemeral works re-purpose everyday materials in a blend of minimalism & kinaesthetic experience.

The Hypothetical World

Boxed Corner


Cardboard 30x30x300cm approx., photocopy

Seminal to this work is the exhibition The Question Consortium, which was held at Articulate project space in 2015. Both works together query our worlds within worlds. In this appeal of what we may consider as cosmic dance, corners play a fundamental part. Corners organise the worlds' coexisting realms. Boxed Corner refers in that sense to our utmost experience of corners' status, which unites and divides worlds, both subjectively and normatively. In space time is life, and are we and I, with and through corners, which concomitantly allow and limit our individual and shared experiences. To corners' universality stick things and non-things alike, from materialist grapple to epic discontent about origin, causality, and fake criticism. Attached to them are also our utterly romantic encounters with chance and speculative embracement of the future. Corners' physical and metaphysical omniscience comes to light equally in the plethora of phantasms including our most hidden and wildest dreams. The corner is one of worlds' great commons, a world glory hole, from which, relentlessly, we attempt to become liberated or struggle to separate. The corner reminds us also of our remarkable impetus when it comes to our hideous desire and instinct to govern or even just to be in or with the world.


Conditions of entry:
Please do not come if you are unwell or a contact of a COVID-19 case.
Use the hand sanitisers provided at the entrance to Articulate.
Complete your contact tracing information on entry to Articulate.
Keep 1.5 metres distance from others or wear a face mask