Coming - Lesley Giovanelli

Lesley Giovanelli plans to work in the Articulate project space during 2-22 April as the 15th Project Space Project.  See her earlier work at Articulate here. 

There are no plans for Lesley's project space project to be open to visitors. This is because the project space project is an experiment with exhibition practice in which artists develop artwork in Articulate project space over a 2-3 week period, leaving any decision about if or when to open it to visitors to later in that period. The purpose is to support the development of artwork that acknowledges the place in which it is located by being conceived and constructed there. It is also intended to protect artists from committing to exhibit artwork before they consider it sufficiently resolved. See earlier project space projects here.  

Lesley Giovanelli Walking past a Madonna on Wei Bao Shan Mountain 2018