FRACAS 2021 continues Articulate’s experiment with exhibition practice begun with  FAIRISLE,  FERALFERRETFERMENT and FROLIC FREEZE  in previous years.

FRACAS  invites artists who work spatially to
  • locate the parts of Articulate’s spaces that you like, then develop an artwork for those that are available for your group (or the other way around).
  • work in an architectural space that is already altered by the earlier installation of other work, and which will be altered again when the group that comes after you installs around you. 
  • participate as an artist and audience member, and/or as an art writer, group organizer, invigilator, documenter, etc., as you wish.

The work of each group will be on public exhibition for two weeks - except for the first and last groups, Group 1 & Group 7, whose work will be open to the public for only one week (and whose fees are adjusted accordingly). Each group will install in a space already occupied by the previous group and overlap with the following group by one week.  We aim for 10 artists per group. 

11 Jan - 22 Feb
Refer to the following table for Group key dates and updated list of participants.
We encourage you to come to all six openings to see how your work and other artists' works are affected by their changing contexts.

Group #


Sat 1-5pm

Fri to Sun

Mon midday
to Fri 11am

Sun 5pm
to Mon midday



1  Lisa Andrew
2  Pamela Leung
3  Tara McIntosh

16 JAN


15 - 17 JAN


11 JAN
15 JAN

17 JAN
18 JAN



1  Margaret Roberts
2  Kit Bylett
3  Raymond Matthews
 Sue Callanan

16 JAN
23 JAN

15 - 24 JAN


11 JAN
15 JAN

24 JAN
25 JAN



Jeni Mulvey
2 Stefania Riccardi
3 Annaliese Legge
 Kiwibull Art
5  Alyssa Clemson

23 JAN
30 JAN

22 - 31 JAN


18 JAN
22 JAN

31 JAN
1 Feb



1 Michele Elliot
2 Sue Murray + Isobel Johnston
3 Mahalya Middlemist
Diane McCarthy
5 Anke Stacker
6 Bettina Bruder

30 JAN

29 JAN

25 JAN
29 JAN

7 feb
8 feb



1 Maria Alvarado
2 Brett Anthony Moore
3  Isobel Johnston + Jude Crawford
5  Julia Hemens
6  Mia Domansky


13 FEB

5 -14 FEB

5 Feb

14 feb
15 feb



1  Kim Bennett
2  Elke Wohlfahrt
3  Em Ingram-Shute
 Annelies Jahn
5  Sarah FitzGerald
6  Seema Akhmetova
7  Jane Alexander 
8  Steve Simpson + Paul Sutton
9  Vilma Bader
10 Sonia Vuchich

13 FEB
20 FEB

12 - 21 FEB

8 Feb
12 Feb

21 feb
22 feb



1  Emma Wise
2  Hannah Wilson
3  Anya Pesce
 Lisa Pang
5  Riley Anderson
6  Karen Benton

20 fEB

19 - 21 FEB 

15 Feb
19 Feb

21 Feb
22 Feb


If you would like to participate in FRACAS, please reply ASAP to letting us know which group you'd like to join (give your first 3 preferences in case too many people want the same group), plus your phone and email contact details. We will respond with further details shortly. 

*If you know other artists who you think would contribute well to FRACAS, please send us their contact information.*


Upon confirmation of your spot, keep in mind that we will request an image of your work planned for FRACAS (or earlier work) and a 100 word summary for use on the Articulate website, our press releases, exhibition collateral and invitations.


There is no theme for work included in FRACAS.  Though Articulate’s focus is on installation and other spatial artwork, the work you exhibit in FRACAS is up to you. You are just asked to follow the dates in the program, leave other people’s work unchanged (unless you have their agreement), and return the space to how you found it. 


We also want a mix of small and large works that are installed by you with regard to their location - have a conversation with us if you think your planned work needs some negotiation.


As well as installing your own work, you are asked to come to an advance meeting for your Group. During your exhibition period, we ask you to help sit the space for 3 hours or assist with your opening.


Artist fees are $120 ($60 for Group1 & 7), and go towards covering rent, modest opening costs and modest photographer's fees. (Note: The photographer will be asked to document the relationships between works rather than focusing on separate works, so please also take your own images too.)


Please let us know if you would like to write about the whole project or individual iterations for the FRACAS blog posts, or want to propose someone else as a writer. (Texts for FAIR ISLEFERAL, FERRET and FERMENT are on the Articulate blog.)


All aspects of this exhibition (installation days, openings, open days etc) will be managed in support of NSW Health's recommendations regarding max persons in indoor space, the wearing of masks, and travel restrictions.  

Check back here for updates.