WHAT DO I SAY ABOUT THIS WORK NOW? began while Articulate's physical spaces were empty during the COVID-19 lockdown from March 2020, and was devised as another way to populate the Articulate blog and social media while all was quiet. It is intended as a platform for artists to share their reflections on one of their own past artworks. This reflection seemed appropriate to the introverted lockdown period, but there seems no reason to not continue it since Articulate's physical program cautiously resumed in July 2020.

If you would like to participate in WHAT DO I SAY NOW we ask artists, art writers, curators and publishers to send documentation of one of your own spatial / temporal artworks or projects, with your reflections on how or why you made or did it that way thenfor posting on the Articulate blog

We need somewhere to enable you to post your responses to other people's reflections, and this could be on the Articulate blog (via email or direct on comments), or self-published on Articulate's Facebook page or Instagram, whatever you have best access to. Or you and the artist could make a sound or video file of your discussion, upload it somewhere and send us a link to it. Or you may have a better idea. 

If you would like your reflections posted on the Articulate blog, please email to etalucitra@gmail.com with WHAT DO I SAY NOW in the email heading:
• documentation of one of your spatial artworks or projects, and 
• what you want to say about this work now
This could include how or why you decided to 
- connect it to actual space, place, site, location, time etc 
- be experimental, cross-disciplinary, performative etc,  
- present and document it in the way you did.


Send a visual record that is:
• still photos and/or drawings/plans as jpg/png at max 1000 pixels on the long side, and preferably horizontal or square (and/or other form of documentation); or
• video short enough to be uploaded to the blog (20MB) in common video formats (.mp4, .mov), sound file or links to your video on You Tube/Vimeo etc. 


Send your reflections as
• text / transcribed interview etc: max 1000 words (links can be made to longer text elsewhere), 
• voice-over images (eg Quicktime recording of voice over powerpoint - instructions here) max 20MB, 
• voice as sound file (.wav, .mp3, or other form that will upload to or embed in blogspot), and/or
• link to video or sound recording on You Tube/Vimeo


by posting artist-directors' own reflections with a zoom launch on Friday 1 May at 6pm. 


Posts will be advertised by Articulate's normal publicity: mailchimp, FaceBook, Instagram etc, as well as zoom meetings in lieu of openings. To assist this please send at least one of your images sized as a square jpg/png for Instagram, and rectangular (horizontal) jpg/png for facebook and mailchimp. 


Articulate will select reflections in the same way that it selects projects for its programs, and post them on this blogDepending on response, we may group 3-4 short reflections that relate in some way. You are welcome to propose your own group, and send or arrange for all reflections to be sent together (with a composite horizontal image for mailchimp). Longer reflections may be better as single posts.