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Heidelberg House : Walls - Working notes

Working notes

The Heidelberg School and the Angry Pengu1ns : broad based collaborative work, geographical markers
Piet Mondrian : Dynamic Equilibrium
SophieTaeuber-Arp : [Equilibrial Dynamism]
Historical fictions or events in language power
Neutralization as the methodology of philosophical nihilism
Neutralizations and their remainders
Remainders : architecture's disappearance; laughter; possibilities

The relief

Mondrian : modern architecture remains within perspective's system of perception
Mondrian : disappearance of painting into architecture / disappearance of architecture into painting

Mondrian : the destruction of the curve through the deployment of verticals and horizontals. [Destroying the verticals and horizontals reveals specific parabolic curves whose forms reflect relations of perceptual force or mass]
The black square : the "gaze" of god neutralized by the "gaze" of the artist, remainder is the white border/frame

Josef Albers : "Homage to the Square" : white gessoed support constituting border/frame so that "you know where the painting ends"
Ad Reinhardt : 60" x60"
EPW : Orange - Every Picture Wanders : concrete underlay
Sigmar Polke : Heidegger on laughing gas
Bathroom sailing ships : Carl Andre in Delft
"Moderne Kunst" : equilibrium is a border
major and minor : public and private, civic and domestic, legacies of modernity