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SLOWING DOWN TIME open from Friday 14 March 11am - Sunday April 6

Open from March 14 to April 6, Slowing Down Time will be marked by a closing event and artists' talks on  Sunday 6 April, 2-5pm. 

A second stage of Slowing Down Time is also planned for October 2014. 

 Sue Healey, Door Chair Bed & Stair 2007

 Michele Elliot Some Kind of Longing 2012

Starting with the premise of slowing down time, this project involves the collaboration of four artists working in different media—textile and sculpture, choreography and moving image. The project will start with an installation in the space by one artist. The work will evolve over the four weeks of the exhibition as each week one artist contributes a response to the existing works in the gallery. These iterations will create layers of work that converse. Why this way? The project’s ambition is to open up a dialogic space for artist to create works together that do not form an argument, but rather, an experience. The process demands listening to what others are saying, thinking about the responses, and putting doubt on the table. This dialogic space extends to the audience, where new ideas can emerge through conversations. The Articulate project space is an ideal place for this project because it gives us an opportunity to engage with Articulate’s community in critical dialogue.

Responses by the artists can be viewed weekly, culminating in richly textured and layered works in the fourth and final week of the exhibition. The nature of this project pivots on an open dialogic process where the result is not entirely predictable. The aim is to produce a final piece with diverse parts that are in consonant with each other—a reflective space where time is slowed down. This complex landscape will be on view at the closing event which will host an open discussion with interested public and members of the community.