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Opening Friday 27 March 6-8pm - THE QUESTION CONSORTIUM by The Hypothetical World

© 2014 R. O.

The Question Consortium takes place from Fri 27 March to Sat 11 April 2015 with an opening Fri 27 March at 6pm and a symposium Sat 28 March at 2pm. This exhibition is open Fri 5-7 and Sat 11-5, with Sundays exceptionally closed.

The Question Consortium is exclusively about questions and only questions. The public is asked to write any questions on A5 paper one at a time, that myriads of questions hijack the space, locally, globally, inside and outside the community with all kinds of questions. It is intended to provide a space for questions, where everybody can visit and consult the questions with an interest in the question headspace. All questions are anonymous.

We assume that we don’t know the outcome of an event before it has become history, though history vanishes irreversibly when events are based on such a hypothesis.1 Jean Baudrillard

Questions create an access to the hypothetical world and through which we are able to recognise the world. We live in a hypothetical world, with questions making sense. The hypothetical world fills dreams. Deprived of questions, the world would be empty. Next of reminding at the constructed world, the hypothetical world reminds also of this. Yet there are limitations, while we continue believing in questions. The ways we tend not to know about today or tomorrow, the people, ourselves, nature, are as if we had no choices.

The Question Consortium attempts to break through these palisades of the hypothetical world. Although it questions the tendencies of questions generating new questions, with questions steering oxymoronically hypothetical traits, it nevertheless estimates that questions transport our intentions more transparently then answers do. Questions guarantee being interesting. To be reminded at the world of hypotheses has actuality, since in our age of crisis what concerns hypotheses, there seems to be much confusion about how to tackle the multitude of issues that we are confronted with.

The Question Consortium has to do with how people are with each other and how people communicate with people. It has also to do with how people interact with nature and how nature interacts with people. In these intersectional fields, questions are raised and also dropped, as we all know. While certain systems promote questions, other systems cut questions. Freedom gets defined through questions. It gives questions the chance to be what they are, to emerge without filters and allowing the questioning of what questions want. However, here it is also asked how we get away with the questions we are asking.

The Question Consortium organises and questions this event at the same time, with questions organising and questioning questions. You question and are this event, with its questions moving you.

© 2015 The Hypothetical World©

1Baudrillard Jean, Cool Memories 1980-1985, p. 92, Éditions Galilée, Paris, 1987, transl.: ‘Si on a pu faire l’hypothèse qu’aucun événement ne saurait avoir de sens définitif avant que l’histoire ait pris fin d’une façon ou d’une autre, alors toute façon de donner un sens quelconque à un événment est une façon de metre fin à l’histoire.’

THE QUESTION CONSORTIUM is project space project # 9. See earlier project space projects here.