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Perrine Lacroix's residency Displacement opens Friday 6 Jan 6-8pm

Opening Friday 6 January 2017
Open 7 Jan - 22 January
Open 11am-5pm Fri - Sun, & till 8pm Fri 13 Jan 
Artist talk & finissage: Saturday 21 January, 3-5pm 
project space project #13


As part of her residency in Articulate, Perrine Lacroix's project is to produce an in-situ work by letting herself be saturated by space and the city in resonance with the political, spacial and cultural context at the local as well as global level.
For her coming project, she is interested in human "displacements", political, tourist and artistic migrations. How are they conditioned and how do they interact?

Perrine Lacroix @ Un château en Espagne, Grèce 2008
Perrine Lacroix Via aerea  2015

Displacement is the thirteenth project space project, a strand of Articulate's programming that began in 2011 to see how artists respond to project spaces as an exhibition practice.  Articulate thinks of it as focusing on the thinking processes that go on in art making, and on the relationships that are formed between artworks and the places in which they are made. It draws on Daniel Buren's The Function of the Studio 1971  which he ended by praising Brancusi (before his studio got moved) for being . . . the only artist who, in order to preserve the relationship between the work and its place of production, dared to present his work in the very place where it first saw light, thereby short-circuiting the museum's desire to classify, to embellish, and to select. The work is seen, for better or worse, as it was conceived. . . 

This project is supported by funding from Leichhardt Council