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Tolmie MacRae's Transimmanence opens Friday 5 January 2018

opening event Friday 5 January 6-8pm 
open 6-21 January 2018
Artist's talk  Sunday 21 Jan, 2pm

Tolmie MacRae’s first solo show is the exploration of what Jean-Luc Nancy called transimmanence. The viewer will be transmuted into a flânerie - idle, aimless observer - of the Articulate space. 

Over the past five years the body of work I’ve developed has recurring themes of meditation and transcendence; immanence at the same time, but not in contradiction. My digital works - which are presented as prints, video, projection and sculpture - are all manifestations of my inquiry into the flows of time on a subject or object. Through the medium of video I could look for complimentary and juxtaposing lines of  movement between frames; then pull those lines through each other. Like the cubists striving to represent every perspective of a  subject/object simultaneously, I try to pull each frame of video through itself to see each frame at once, yet evolve and flow over time generating a visual and temporal abstraction of the moment and the body.