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FERRET 4 opened last night

FERRET 4 is open 11am - 5pm, Friday - Sunday till Sunday 18 February, showing the work of  Susan Andrews, Bettina Bruder, Julia Davis, Damian Dillon, Nicole Ellis, Michelle Grasso, Simone Griffin, Adrian Hall, Barbara Halnan, Lyn Heazlewood, Kendal Heyes, Lisa Jones, Michelle Ledain, Tom Loveday, Joanne Makas, Alycia Moffat, Louise Morgan, Isaac Nixon, Renay Pepita,  Sandra Smith, Helen M Sturgess, Elke Wohlfahrt, Jeff Wood and Sarah Woodward.

Photo W.Seeto

L: Michelle LeDain | on beams: Elke Wohlfahrt R: Kendal Heyes

Helen M Sturgess | Adrian Hall

Elke Wohlfahrt

Lyn Heazelwood | Alycia Moffat | Sarah Woodward

Articulate’s FERRET project shows the work of over 60 artists during the 5 weeks from 26 January to 25 February 2018. Each of its five shows is open Friday to Sunday, with Friday night openings on 26 January and 2, 9, 16 and 23 February.

FERRET  4 is the fourth of its 5 shows. After FERRET 4 ends on Sunday 18 February, half the artists de-install their work, and another 10 artists install to produce FERRET 5 (opening Friday 23 February).  FERRET 5 will conclude the FERRET project on Sunday 25 February.

FERRET is Articulate's third project that presents the exhibition as a site determined as much by changing artwork as by architecture and location. It does this by intermingling works by two groups of artists each week — incoming artists install in a site shaped partly by works continuing from the previous week and the gaps left by outgoing works. It is planned as a slow progressive artists' dance in which each show is one step, and in which the whole is understood through a mixture of observing and remembering.

Follow the links to documentation of the earlier such projects,  FAIRISLE  and FERAL 1234 and 5.