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Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier's Hangover: Summer of '68 opens Friday 1 June at 6-8pm

Open  11am – 5pm, Friday – Sunday 2 – 17 June.

Artists' talks: Sunday 3 June, 3pm

Hangover: Summer of '68 is a site-specific response to the layout and infrastructure of Articulate's ground floor project space, where a single work of planar forms combines approaches to drawing and painting.

Using a tent for its canvas panelling as a dynamic physical form; shapes, colours, and the interstices of windows and doors, yield a variety of surfaces as an experiment in formal play with height, compression, and light, utilising the material accoutrements to the tent: the canvas, rope lines, fittings, pegs, and poles.

As a cultural form, the tent carries varied associations with urban escape and political resistance, it denotes the polarities of camping and protest, freedom and hardship, nostalgia and destitution. Here it has been breached, opened up, and reconstructed where latent energy is held in the tension of fabric as effort that is stored in a battery-like capture of the kinetic energy used in the labour of its stretching and manipulation.

Hangover: Summer of '68 is the first of Articulate's Changing Place program, which focuses on whole-space installation to emphasise relationships between a work and its location. Changing Place  expects that these relationships will be most apparent when only one work is constructed in one architectural space. Articulate uses its funding for this program to encourage experimental spatial practices.

Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier, Hangover: Summer of '68 

Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier, Hangover: Summer of '68

Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier, work-in-progress, 2018

Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier, work in progress, Stacks courtyard, 2017

This project is supported by funding from the Inner West Council 

Beer sponsored by Grifter Brewing Company