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What Do I Say About this Work Now 3 - Zoom discussion

Please join discussion of the third reflection of What Do I Say About this Work Now? on Friday June 19 At 6pm

Topic: What Do I Say About this Work Now 3
Time: Jun 19, 2020 06:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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from: Voices of Women,Leichhardt Town Hall 2020. Noni Carroll Photography.

To prepare for the discussion of reflections on Voices of Women 2019 please :

Thinking about the performance of Voices of Women in 2019 at Leichhardt Town Hall: activating the space means rethinking about how we listen - where we gather - and why we come together to share story. What is a public space? What is an intimate one? Thinking about active listening of an audience, the craft of storytelling, and the spaces that can change and be transformed to accomodate that.

Understanding that an audience is never JUST listening, while accommodating the voices of multiple writers from diverse backgrounds. In the most obvious of setups, the reader would probably stand out in front of the audience, delivering the text in what is known as ‘front-on’ mode, like a lecture, or a sermon; a situation laden with associations of being ‘talked to’, or formally addressed.

Discussion with Lliane Clarke, Producer/Director, Clare Grant, Dramaturg and UNSW Performance Lecturer, Sage Godrei, actor/writer, hosted by Cassi Plate, broadcaster, curator. Includes QandA.