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Decade Show | per.doc

Opening Event Saturday Feb 5th, 2-5pm
Exhibition from Feb 4th until Feb 20th

Open 11am - 5pm | Fri-Sun
Other times by private arrangement with the artists

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per.doc is Articulate’s fourth Decade Show, which features some of the performances and associated projects undertaken at APS over the past 10 years. It focuses on performance as the primary component of works which present the live body in relationship to this space and its architecture, both in new performance and in documentation of (artist-selected) performance previously shown at Articulate. How artists realise their documentation has been left open.

Some of the artists who have shown performance works at Articulate during the last decade will show documentation of that work upstairs and in the backroom. These artists are Alan Schacher, Alison Clouston and Boyd, Elizabeth Hogan and Leisa Sage, Emma Wise, John Gillies, Katya Petayeska, Kit Bylett, Linda Luke, Molly Wagner, Rakini Devi, Renay Pepita, Sydney Art Exchange (Corinne Brittain, Eleanor Er, Kerry MacAulay, Anya Pesce, Elke Wohlfahrt), Tom Isaacs

Find their performance works, and the many other performance works shown at Articulate during the last 10 years, scattered among the posts seen here. The exhibition will also show a range of ways in which artists decide to document their work.

The exhibition will be supported by a catalogue of texts by the artists, as well as a 'new' performances on the ground floor project space on consecutive weeks :

Week 1, Feb 4th-6th

BlackLux: Perspectives in timelapse

Dance, video and photography, a collaboration by Lucky Lartey, Lucinda Clutterbuck and Shane Rozario 


Week 2, Feb 11th-13th

The Hidden 2022

Jo Truman + Andy Milne (+ The Fragile Ids- Tim Cunningham, Jo Truman,  Andy Milne and John Shand)

Week 3, Feb 19th

Model the Model: a performed action

A performed action by Barbara Campbell + Clare Grant

per.doc @ ArticulateUpstairs

Alison Clouston + Boyd, Return to Dust, 2022; Dust, 10-19 June, 2011

Sydney Art Exchange (Corinne Brittain, Eleanor Er, Kerry MacAulay, Anya Pesce, Elke Wohlfahrt), breakdown, 2022; Wahlverwandtschaften (Elective Affinities), 2019

Elizabeth Hogan + Leisa Sage, Seeking Equilibrium, 2017 - 2021

Renay Pepita, performance stills from 'Untitled [Everyday Movements] No.1', 2015, images courtesy Dean Sewell

Emma Wise, Keepers, 2022;  Stuff series, 2019-


Conditions of entry:

NSW Public Health Order requires all visitors over 16 years of age,
To sign in with the QR code provided at the entrance,
Wear a mask, social distancing rules will also apply.
Please don't come if you are feeling unwell.
Articulate is a registered Covid Safe business.