Articulate project space 

is an artist-run initiative formed in 2010 to support experimental contemporary art by providing rental space for projects, exhibitions, events and performance. It prioritises artworks and artforms in which actual (physical) space, place or location have an important role in the construction and meaning/conception of the work. It thus supports installation and other spatial artforms for their own sake, and also for the potential spatial art practices have to contribute to the environmental movement through their re-valuation of place. It aims to create a diverse program that also includes experimental, critical and cross-disciplinary practices in which ‘idea dictates form’ rather than being medium-based. It also supports cross-generational contact and the general arts community through artists’ talks, discussion forums, documentation, archives and publications.

The project space

Articulate's project space is 108 sq metres — 27m long, 4m wide and 2.5-2.8m high. It is on the ground floor of a renovated warehouse that fronts onto Parramatta Road in Leichhardt. It is accessible from the front and rear of the building. There are stairs on the left after you enter from Parramatta Road, giving access to ArticulateUpstairs and studios on the first floor.  

Configuration of the project space is shown in the above plan and archival images. For 360-degree panoramas see here and here.

The program

Articulate project space program runs 3-weekly exhibitions in conjunction with the ArticulateUpstairs program. ArticulateUpstairs is a separately run mezzanine space sharing similar concerns. The program can include exhibitions and projects that use both spaces. 

Standard exhibition opening hours are Friday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm with opening night on Fridays at 6-8pm.

Articulate encourages solo, collaborative and group shows as well as developmental and performative projects. It gives greater support to solo/duo installations and projects that use the whole space in acknowledgement of the support and recognition required by this kind of practice.


What the artist provides


 Your proposal 

Proposals can be made at any time—the next closing date is advertised on the home page. If you would like to propose a project or exhibition please provide the following information:
1. Your name, postal and email addresses and phone contacts
2. The title of your project/exhibition/program, the names and roles of participants, and 3 preferred time periods.
3. Whether your proposal is for project work (in which you work/perform in the project space most or all of the time), a standard exhibition (with an opening in the first week) a program of events, or an individual proposal (for curating into a group exhibition by Articulate or visiting curator). 
4. The concept/idea (max 150 words) and description/what you plan to actually do (max 150 words) of your project/exhibition/program (attach further explanation only if needed for clarity)
5. Support material:
• images ( as jpgs, powerpoint or URL) or equivalent sound or video.
• brief description of each image/track and if it represents proposed or previous work
• cvs for each participant (max 1 page - introduce CVs with 30-word summary to assist funding applications)
6. Please send your proposal (or a link to it) to Articulate project space at
(Please only use the street address (497 Parramatta Road Leichhardt NSW 2040 Australia) for additional large files or non-digital support material. If you post material, please email to say that material has been posted to ensure it is not overlooked.)
If you would like to discuss your proposal in advance with a director, please contact us at