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Ciaran Begley's Writhe opens Friday 2 August at 6-8pm


Opening Friday 2 August 6-8pm

Open Fri-Sat 11am-5pm  3 - 18 August

Artist's talk: Saturday 3 August 3pm

Ciaran Begley Writhe 2019 (diagram)

Writhe involves a series of structures that confront the public with contortions of space itself.  Four hanging sculptures arranged throughout Articulate’s long project space hang from the exposed wooden struts of the building.  These heavy works Installed along the middle of the space set up the architectural space as a stage for spatial contortion.  These room dividers delineate new internal spaces and when moving expanding in a rectangular form containing a complex contorting form enveloping the gallery space with danger and intrigue.

The work is a complex reinterpretation of previous work engaging those who know my work with an impossible reconfiguration of known forms with new movements and a departure from the safety of the wall.  For new viewers this work is  a step into the zone.  A landscape of new possibilities and new dangers where the laws of physics and assumptions about gravity give way to a world where space is governed by action, movement and form.  A space where the choices we make become environments for others and comprehension an elusive concept.

In this work I have challenged the limits of my own capacities of engineering and installation to present a work that challenges my own capacities of expectation and experience.  Please join me in this new world.

Ciaran Begley

This project is supported by funding from the Inner West Council