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There Can Be Only Chaos opens Friday 2 August 6-8pm

Open 11am - 5pm Fri-Sat 3-18 August

There Can Be Only Chaos shows the work of Liam Garstang, Matthew James, Simon Lawrence, James Nguyen and Hannah Riley

Let's face it; art making is messy process.  Be it a blurred image from a moved camera, a wet shoe or a solid puddle on a shelf when opening a kiln. Working with materials is complicated. This show melds the work of practitioners marinated in the materials they use.  Mathew James’s open shutter film rolls; Hannah Riley’s cobweb drawings, James Nguyen’s humidified river, Liam Garstang’s shotgunned ceramics and Simon Lawrence’s kiln activated objects. Each of these artists has delved down the material rabbit hole and come up with works that infuse the gallery with physical objects that challenge the very fabric of reality. 
Simon Lawrence  'In-kiln kinetic study' 2019 ceramic and glass