Alicia Poppett Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary 
watercolour on board, dimensions variable, 2012
Photo: Jo Rankine
Beata Geyer Rose Mountain  MDF, Solver Brite Glo Scenic 
Flat Acrylic in VIVID ROSE (discontinued), dimensions variable, 2012
photo: Jo Rankine
above: Elisa Trifunoski Support 
wood, paint, dimensions variable, 2012
photo: Jo Rankine
Francesca Mataraga Minimalismo 2 (installation for Coloured Space - Articulate) 
fabric,vinyl, wood, clamps, 3m x 3m x 2.3m approximately, 2012
photo: Jo Rankine
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  1. It is amazing what art can do to an empty space area. Just by adding some colors, shapes and lines makes the entire area much more attractive and meaningful. I have done pretty much the same to my empty space area back at home where I use as storage. I just add some patterns and desi