NED KELLY (ALCATRAZ) a Heidelberg House project by Margaret Roberts and Stephen Sullivan, opens in Margaret's studio upstairs from Articulate on Saturday 20 October at 3pm.

Conceiving of a possible encounter by the Russian contemporary artist, Ilya Kabakov, with Sidney Nolan’s animation of suprematism’s Black Square in his Ned Kelly Paintings, Heidelberg House presents Kabakov’s imaginary reworking of this iconic image.

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  1. This looks interesting. The best thing is that it is in Leichhardt, near where I am at. I actually know of a few installation artists who have quite a few interesting items in their self storage unit and I often enjoy having a nice conversation with them. I think what artists like you bring to us is a nice perspective to life. My friends, when they show me their storage unit, would tell a story of every single item in it. It’s fascinating the types of perspective an artist puts in our lives.